To train the student to be the entrepreneurs of tomorrow with basic knowledge and skills of science, deep rooted sense of social responsibility, strong ethical values and with a global outlook to face the challenges of changing world with fluent communicating power.


 With a high caliber and experienced faculty and an excellent infrastructure, we promote academic excellence in Basic Science, absolute discipline and sound practical exposure to the fundamental principles and concepts of Science.


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1 Prof.A.G.Rathod View Details
2 Prof.Z.A.Khan View Details
3 Prof.M.B.Nawarkhele View Details
4 Prof.G.B.Sude View Details
5 Miss.B.B.kapoor View Details
7 Shaikh Javed shafee View Details
8 Mrs. Nazia Deshmukh View Details

Lab Facility:

Physics Laboratory :

Equipments : Basic  Measuring Instruments like Vernier Calliper, Micrometer screw Gauge, Spherometer, Spectrometer, Traavelling Microscopes, Searls Apparatus, PN Junction Diode, LASER instruments, Voltmeter, Ammeter, Thermometer, Stop clock, Sonometer, Potentiometer, simple pendulum, Compound pendulum, Bar pendulum, magnetometer etc.

Chemistry Laboratory :

Equipments : Basic  Measuring Instruments like Burette, Pipette, Measuring Cylinder, Conical Flask, beaker, incubator, PH meter, Different acidic and basic Salts, Acid solutions, base Solutions  etc.

Language Laboratory :

Equipments : Ling phone, Computers, headphones, Language lab Software etc